Terms & Conditions

Holiday Club 

  • Everyone attending must be suitably dressed for the occasion. Long sleeved top and long trousers. Waterproof jacket and trousers. Practical footwear – NO crocs or open toed sandals. 

  • Please collect your child(ren) at the agreed time. Any child not collected at the specific time will be charged a late fee of £5 per 15 mins. 

  • Please provide your child(ren) with a healthy snack (fruit), a drink (no fizzy/power drinks) and a packed lunch. We are a NO NUTS school. 

  • Please inform us of any medical/dietary issues 

  • If medication is to be administered during the time your child is in our care, please report to the office and complete the appropriate form. All medication should be in its original packaging, labelled with the child’s name and dosage to be administered. 

  • Please read Parent info 

In case of emergency/or medical issues arising, a member of The Shepherd’s Hut staff will take responsibility to administer first aid. Please note parents will be contacted immediately or at the time of collection depending of the seriousness of the injury. 


Parent info 

Due to ever changing weather and activities we provide please ensure that your child(ren) are suitably dressed for the outdoors. 

Long sleeved top/trousers – children may brush against stinging nettles, brambles etc. 

Waterproof trousers and coat – The weather is always changing and down pours are likely. The children are also asked to sit on tree stumps which maybe damp from the night before. The children are also likely to play with mud and water. 

Sensible shoes MUST be worn – no open toed shoes or crocs 

Layering clothes is best. If the children become hot they can remove a layer, or add if they are cold. 

NO fancy dress clothing is to be worn at any time. We have an open fire on site and these types of clothes are highly flammable. If you child attends in fancy dress clothing you will be asked to provide suitable clothing before your child can attend. 

Summer Months – Please apply sun cream before your child attends and a sun hat should also be provided. 

Winter Months – Thermals are very important due to the cold. It is always best to wear the same amount of layers on your legs as on your top. SNOW boots are a lot warmer than wellington boots and can be brought cheaply from supermarket chains. If wellington boots are to be worn please ensure your child is wearing thermal socks and have enough room in their boots for their feet to move as this can cause extreme pain. WATERPROOF gloves should also be provided (wooly gloves get wet and muddy, which then cannot be worn). Wooly hats should also be provided. 

Please contact us if you have any queries.