"Thank you! My child has had a brilliant day. They've already told me about the dark clouds they saw, the bee making honey and watering the potatoes. I think the word 'inspired' pretty much sums it up. For the first time in months they've come home from a full day at nursery happy, content and relaxed. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
"Thank you for all your support and accommodating my child. We're a lot less concerned about them starting school in September since they've been at your setting, we really appreciate everything you've done."

I thought I would share this ‘moment’ with you, because it was just so precious...

We have just read Peter Pan and our son said that Forest School is just like Neverland. I agreed, and said that there is a pirate ship, and you make treasure maps. He corrected me and said, “No, it’s because all the boys and girls are always happy”. Thinking that that couldn’t be topped, he then said, “Kim ‘n’ Erica and Hannah are like Wendy, and Callie looks like Tinkerbell”.

Well...as parents, what else could you possibly wish for for your children?! 

Thank you all so much for making their lives so magical!  

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